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1" Basic Vinyl Mini Blinds

Our Basic Vinyl Mini Blinds offer the least expensive window covering option.

The slats on these blinds are light filtering and are made with 1" wide PVC slats, which are lead free and child safe.  All of the components are color coordinated with easy–to–use mounting hardware.

1" Premium Vinyl Mini Blinds

Our Premium Vinyl Mini Blinds are a sturdier vinyl blind with a steel headrail and bottom rail and are lead free and child safe.  The headrail is guaranteed against breakage.  This is a high quality blind with room darkening slats for added privacy.

1" Sierra Aluminum Mini Blinds

Our Sierra Aluminum Mini Blinds are the top of the line.  They have a steel headrail and bottom rail and are made with heavy–duty 8 gauge aluminum slats, which are 33% thicker than our competitors’ 6 gauge aluminum slats.  The Sierra Aluminum Mini Blinds have a baked on enamel finish which provides a protective UV and fade resistant sealant.

2” Faux Wood Blinds

Distinguish your apartment community with these elegant two inch blinds.  Our Faux Wood Blinds are a beautiful and cost–effective alternative to wood blinds.  The heavy duty steel headrail is 2" high by 2¼" deep.  The classic 2" slats are resistant to warping, fading, chipping, and cracking and are unaffected by extremes in temperature and humidity.  The bottom rail is trapezoid shaped adding for better closure at window sills. The 2" Faux Wood blinds have a 3¼" deluxe crown valance with hidden valance clips for a clean appearance.  The cords all have decorative matching tassels for added child safety.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds make a nice addition to any room.  Our vertical blinds have a smooth finished louver and baton draw.  The headrail on our vertical blinds is the color alabaster and most often does not need a valance.  However, valances are available for all vertical blinds.  There is a lifetime warranty on our vertical blind headrail.


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